New York Law School Real Estate Networking Group Launch Event

New York Law School Real Estate Networking Group Launch Event

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a panel discussion hosted by Rory S. Clark with Adrian Zuckerman, Ronald Lo Russo, and Monica Blum at New York Law School.

I have to tip my hat to Mr Clark and to whomever else was responsible for putting this event together as the intimate environment allowed for an interesting and insightful discussion. Everything that one might expect to have been spoken about was brought up and discussed:

  • De Blasio
  • Affordable Housing
  • Foreign Investment
  • Gentrification
  • Development
  • Business Improvement Districts

What I particularly enjoyed, however, was that everyone seemed to be the same page on these topics. While a heated debate may have been more fun to watch, I doubt it would have been as informative.

I look forward to attending the next panel discussion next semester, and would encourage all real estate professionals and ethusiasts to do the same

Instead of summarizing a two hour debate, I'll leave you with a few quotes I enjoyed the most:

"A BID is [formed] when property owners get together and decide to tax themselves." -Monica Blum defines a Business Improvement District

"I’m still amazed that I can walk through Times Square after dark and survive." -Adrian Zuckerman on the changes in neighborhoods

"I don't even know what a Millennial is...I tell them they're going to Shanghai and they're esctatic, I tell them they're going to Philly and they cry." -Ronald Lo Russo jokes about the motivations of Millennials